am rugat o prietenă ucrainiancă să-mi zică părerea ei despre maidan

“Ukrainian Revolution – to burn one’s fingers twice or time of changes?

Winter 2013-2014. Revolution. Winter of hope, tears and violence in Ukraine. People spend day in and day out on Maidan showing their desire to remove Yanukovich from the post as President. They want changes. Everyone wants changes, but not every person has the same vision of our country’s future. Despite the respect I have for those people,


who stay on Maidan, I do not support this revolution. Cuz bloodshed and chaos didn’t help to anyone to build ideal and strong country. I feel sorry for those police officers cuz half of them are still kids. Furthermore, it seems everyone in Ukraine and Europe forgot they are someone’s children, fathers and brothers as well as demonstrators. To my mind this revolution is brothers’ bloodshed full of violence, lie and blindness. Ukraine has such a strong potential, fertile land and resources but despite using it we are running around from side to side, from Russia to Europe and vice-versa. This Revolution is race for power between government and opposition and our people are their weapon. I was talking to a friend of mine. She lives in my home-city (Western Ukraine). As she says sth terrible is going in Rivne as well. People are panicking. The protesters have burned shops, police station, violence clashes are all over the city. The fact is, half of the demonstrators are aggressive teen-agers in masks who do not really understand what this revolution is for. You know my heart really aches for my native country and the only thing everyone truly wants now is to stop the devastation of our land.”

Galia Parfaniuk – Rovno, Rivnens’Ka Oblast’, Ucraina

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