străini în bucurești. ep 2 – Javier Cisternas

lipsa de timp + niște probleme m-au făcut să nu mai pot posta nici pe blog și nici pe facebook. n-am prea multe de zis, citiți povestea lui javier, un chilian care a acordat zilele trecute un interviu celor de la radio românia internațional. va fi difuzat peste două săptămâni. povestea lui? mai mult decât interesantă! străini în bucurești. ep 2 – javier Cisternas

Well, I am Javier Cisternas, from Chile in South America. I am a street musician, and I have been traveling around the world for sixteen months with my guitar, my voice and my heart. The reason of why I am in Romania now is quite particular. I was in Budapest on a hostel working as a volunteer making beds and doing the pub crowls for the guests that wanted to partyso basically all of them. I had my flight back to Brazil on January the eight, towards the warm beaches of Rio de Janeiro. So a guy from Australia who I was sharing some beers with told me that Romanian girls were nice, and that the landscapes here were amazing, and I felt interested about it, so we watched a video on youtube about the beauties from Romania. I must admit that I was a bit drunk, but it doesnt make too much of a difference. So I decided to flip a coin to decide if to swim on a country in which winter was just beginning, and on the other side was Brazil with caipirinhas and something that I already was fa,iliar with because of my trip. The result of the flip coin was Romania, so as I dont have a credit card I asked the australian guy to book the flight and I paid him on cash, with the money I collected by playing in the street.1975068_10203321715265596_2037571466_n

I arrived in Romania, very afraid of what was going to happen, especially because of the prejudices from people that has never been to this beautiful country. Things like: dont go there because is full of thieves and gypsis. Since I arrived on the airport Romanian people treted me amazingly. A young guy asked me if I needed help, so i said yes, and he took me to Piata Romana and also to an exchange house. I couchsurfed on two houses the first two weeks, and I dont have words to thank how warm was the welcome. Being in Germany was completely different the way the people behaved in general, I think there must be something with the latin blood. I started playing outside the metro, but a policemen tried to put me a 50 lei fine, so I bought a card for the buses inside the city, and I charged for the whole month. At the beginning I was sceptical about what was my result going to be like, but they even saying phrases such us : welcome in our country, or lots of spontaneous smiles made me feel at home, despite than my country is thousands of kilometres away. In a few hours I was with enough money to eat and even have fun at the old center, what an amazing place !

The Romanian girls are amazingly beautiful, and they told me they speak spanish because they watch the mexicqn telenovelas which I find very funny, but at the same time amazing. I was supposed to stay in Romania for three weeks, but I have been for two months and a half here and I felt in love with everything ; women, covrigi, Palinca, music, nature.

The only thing that I think the Romanian should improve is the way they look at theirselves, some of them dont realize how amazing is this country. I have theory that they have their culture so close that they dont realize about their greatness. I understand that because I can see the things with an obsever eyes. Not as a rich tourist that comes here two days and doesnt get it, but being everyday in the streets obseving from the richest to the poorest.

Some people may say that the eastern european cities are depressive because of their non colored buildings, but I can say that the colour is in the people.

After almost three months, and have gone through the coldest winter in my entire life, you Romanian people made the warmest and incredible place in Europe so far, where even beggars and cops have given me collaborations to continue my journey. Thanks a lot and pe curand !!!


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